Recognition Fountains
Our beautiful fountains are designed to create a delightful ambiance incorporating the texture, color, and form of our hand made elements with the soothing sound of moving water.  Our fountains are custom designed to meet the needs of your space and decor.  The photographs and renderings are just a small sampling of what is possible to create.  From small tabletop pieces to large scale wall installations, we can partner with you to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of almost any project and budget. 

 Shown are several examples of fountain designs we have created for our clients.  We are able to use our CAD capabilities to help you visualize how the scale and use of various materials will look in your facility. 

We are also able to be flexible with how the recognition is achieved with these pieces.  For those with many donors to honor we may use our branch and interchangeable leaf system as seen on our "Tree of Life" or have individual leaves with engraved names apparently free floating on the surface of the fountain as shown at left.  For those who wish to commemorate large donors or have naming opportunities, custom text and logos can be engraved or carved into the substrate of the fountain as pictured below.

To begin the design process, please be in touch so we may discuss your project.