Our "Tree of Life" Donor recognition trees are one beautiful way to recognize your valued donors while adding a true work of art to your facility.  This hand forged sculpture  creates a remarkable focal point that encourages ongoing donor interest and appreciation using individually engraved brass, copper, and aluminum leaves.  The trees can be made in any size and may be customized to the architecture of your facility.


At left is one of our most recent commissions, a 400 leaf tree for a health care facility that was custom built for a large curved wall.  The fundraising coordinator had this to say about the tree:

"We have had the tree for almost a year now and I have nothing but good things to say about it.  Even without a huge push to attract new donors the tree brings them to us, asking how they can secure a leaf for themselves."

Our 'Tree of Life' is very simple to install!
 Donor Arts Design Group is pleased to share with you our latest commissions.  Willow Tree (above right) tasked us with tailoring our "Tree of Life" design to their narrow alcove setting.  By contrast, Alton Memorial Hospital's (AMH) 150 leaf tree (installation in progress, above) spreads out gracefully in its wider setting.  It is being installed at AMH's Eunice Smith Home while its larger 400 leaf partner graces the grand Duncan Wing Corridor. 

Please visit our
accessories  page to view our complete line of plaques to compliment your donor tree.  Items such as our framed 'Tree of Life' plaque and foundation stones are great ways to recognize your larger donors.  Often times our clients will have one donor underwrite the initial cost of the project which allows more of your fundraising dollars to go directly towards your important work, something your donors will greatly appreciate.

To assist in your decision making process our artists are happy to work with you to provide a rendering of our 'Tree of Life' in its proposed location.  All we need is a photo of the proposed location, an approximate size, and number of donors you wish to recognize and we will create a photo image of how our tree will look in place.  We will also provide detailed cost and project information to help make the process of incorporating our artwork into your facility easier.

100 leaf tree at dedication ceremony