About Us

Hand Crafted Wrought Iron Home Furnishings and Design Accents


Donor Arts Design Group is uniquely positioned to meet the challenge of acknowledging your contributors in a significant and artistic way. As artists working for decades in metal, wood, ceramic, and glass; we bring both skill and artistry to two approaches to donor recognition. First, a client may choose from our suite of donor recognition pieces that can be tailored to your specific site and unique donor profile. The customizable "Tree of Life" exemplifies this approach. Alternately, Donor Arts Design Group can express your organization's mission and vision as well as its appreciation of donors with an entirely unique fine art piece that is designed with you and carefully crafted in our New Hampshire studios. Mixed media sculptural work, fountains, and other objects of beauty exemplify this approach. We welcome inquiries and the opportunity to apply our fine art approach to your donor recognition needs.

Owners: Heidi and David Little

David Little - Blacksmith - Check out this great video on Dave Little about his commitment, association and experience.