Tile and Branch

Tile and Branch

The framed tree branch makes a wonderful focal point for your fund- raising campaign.  It has unlimited expandability through the use of framed tile panels which can be installed throughout your facility. The piece recognizes donors in an artful and meaningful way enabling them to feel a sense of being a true part of your mission.


The tiles are created by hand of stoneware clay and impressed individually into a carved wood block tile mold.  The mold can be custom made with your logo or other image associated with your campaign and the tile may be finished with any number of glaze colors to fit the color scheme of your facility. Attached metal plates bear the donor's name.

In addition to this famed piece using our 4" tiles, custom sized tiles can be incorporated to recognize different levels of donation and custom framed plaques and accessories are also available to compliment the piece.

Full scale tile and wood sample pieces are available for a minimal deposit, to be applied toward any commission.